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Martin Marek
chief of digital officer

We often use MyCleverPost to boost outreach of our clients' campaigns and our own brands, as well as to improve sales and gain new followers.

This tool has already been used several times and always received immediate feedback, which makes us very happy. This way we are able to reach goals set for our clients - to obtain personal data and lead users to making orders and using their services.

MyCleverPost was used for the first time as an opinion poll right before elections in Slovakia. We gained over 33 000 votes during a single week.

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Jaroslav Krajíček
Chief Executive Officer

MyCleverPost is also being used for long-term competitions by our cream brand called Bobík.

In order to improve relations with all our 50 000 customers and gain more followers we created the so-called Bobík's Olympics. Users can collect points by playing games such as Bobík's Observations (collect Bobíks on a field), Bobík's Search (find the shortest way from a dairy farm), Bobík's Run (run as long as you can) and Bobík's Photo Contest (send a picture of a recipe with Bobík as one of the ingredients). Range is 210 000 and 28 000 e-mail address in total.

Users can win motivational rewards in each of the games, and there is a chance of additional rewards in the end of the Olympics. This is a creative way of long-term communication with our customers. They are having fun, visit our pages on social networks and choose our products when shopping for groceries.

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Jiří Suchan
vedoucí skupiny reklama

We believe MyCleverPost to be a great tool for immediate interaction with our social network followers. It has been tested twice.

The first time we used it to teach users how to recycle drugstore products packages. The other time they had an opportunity to visit our Facebook page to make their own card for Valentine's Day and send it to their loved one or otherwise share it.

Both cases proved to bring very positive feedback from our customers. Several thousand cards were shared on Valentine's Day and with some still being made and shared even now.

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Jan Doležal
Regional marketing manager Companion animals

Another time MyCleverPost was used to reach more customers of Scalibor. Our goal was to share the message of their campaign: Scalibor collars will protect your dog from parasites.

We created the Scalibor Maze game, where users gathered points and avoided parasites. With the help of the Scalibor collar, they could also collect the parasites themselves. Users with the most points were rewarded with our collars.

More than 80 000 Facebook users saw our posts, over 8 300 of them played around 40 000 individual games and submitted their e-mails. We also gained over 2 300 new followers for our Facebook page. 


Marek Filuś
marketing support manager

It was a surprise to us that users could play games right inside their Facebook Timelines. That is why we used MyCleverPost 7 times.

We combined it with a Christmas campaign in 7 countries - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

Users played as Santa Claus and had the task of catching as many falling perfumes as possible. Every week a lot of users were given rewards to motivate further purchases. At the end of the competition, the top 10 players with the most points won the perfumes of well-known brands.

For the whole duration of the competition there was a great number of engagements, more than 24 000 games just in the Czech Republic.


Dijana Lambrevová
Digital Director

MyCleverPost was used for our Farmax client for the Preventan brand. We have linked the App to a running customer competition. Facebook users were displayed possible situations where there is a risk of a cold or a reduction in immunity.

The task in these situations was to find help in the form of a hidden bear head that symbolized Preventan the Bear, who helped to acquire immunity.

Those who passed all the slides quickly could compete for Preventan and other valuable prizes. We were very pleased that users could play the game on all devices and that over a month of communication we obtained over 6 000 unique email addresses. The game is still being played.