In the post, on 9 social networks

MyCleverPost can be shared on a social network that you use or are planning to use - Facebook, in YouTube videos, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

By sharing it where users spend much of their time you can learn about their opinions, gain new followers and recommendations, enlarge your outreach, sell your products and services and, most importantly, reach your goals.

You can start using MyCleverPost immediately after signing up.

More like 4x bigger engagement

Compare all the usual ways of reaching your goals: websites, microsites, online shops, Facebook Bookmarks and mobile apps. In each of these cases you have to create a PPC campaign along with a series of linked posts. It is up to users to decide whether to click on the ad or not, and if they do, they also have to decide to participate. Most of the time it takes about 2-4 clicks for the user just to get to the actual content. In addition to that, Facebook Bookmarks are only available for PC users.

MyCleverPost runs in actual posts that you are promoting and supports all kinds of devices on 7 social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. All it takes for a user to engage is a single click.

Thanks to that you gain more like 4x more personal data, engagement and items sold - all with the same budget.

You can start using MyCleverPost immediately after signing up.

Apps to mobile devices, without downloading

MyCleverPost is the only way to quickly engage users on mobile devices. To download a traditional mobile app they have to click a link in an ad, then click once or twice to download an app, then click on it once again to run it - and only then comes the actual content, which you still want them to browse, read or buy.

Users can skip this process with a single click thanks to MyCleverPost. You gain much more value - larger outreach, new followers and customers, improved sales, more reached goals - with the same budget. 

You can start using MyCleverPost immediately after signing up.

Custom App modifications and immediate previews

Right now you can choose from several Apps with even more to come. Build an App using our own editor in a few easy steps, then share it. We are always here to help! 

Thanks to our smart previews all your team members can display the newest version of your Apps in real time. You don't have to hurry - order them only when absolutely satisfied. Our admins will also test it before it can be shared in order to eliminate any possible issues and ensure it will work on all social networks. You can't get anything wrong.

You can start using MyCleverPost immediately after signing up.

Unlimited number of modifications

MyCleverPost provides you with tools and mechanics that you can use to fully customize your Apps, which can be then used in many different ways. Tweak the graphics, try out a new idea or share it in a different way, and you will get a brand new App built on the same principle.

A good example for that might be the Survey App. You can add a graphic with some competition (every 100. wins) to the Sign In Slide. And the question is just an add-on in your communication.

The Countdown App can be linked to a time of the year (e.g. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, New Year's Eve, or maybe someone's birthday, namesday, or even a road show) or placed in a store to motivate customers to submit their personal data in order to win a prize.

Use the Sales App to present your products and services and sell them to users immediately.

You can start using MyCleverPost immediately after signing up.

Clear data and statistics

MyCleverPost Apps track exact numbers of engagements and visits of individual Slides. This way you can find out how many users got to a certain step or how to create an App that would match or even exceed current results. The data is available in your administration and can be exported to .xls.

Your account has access to user data that was submitted in your MyCleverPost Apps. It is possible to combine it or separate it for each App.
When using the Sales App, you also see the number of items purchased by individual users. These data are also available for preview and export to .xls.

You can start using MyCleverPost immediately after signing up.